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Ancient Greek town from where ships were launched for Troy unearthed
2010-06-30 15:30:00

Archeologists have found an ancient underground town in Kyparissia in Greece during a local construction work.

According to Katerina Nikolas, a columnist for helium.com, recently some local road works were being carried out near a swimming pool in the city and something unusual caused them to stop their work immediately. It appeared that an ancient underground town had been discovered on the site, which archeologists are now excavating.

Interestingly some parts of the ancient town are higher than the depths of the swimming pool nearby, meaning that when the land was purchased and the swimming pool built, the owner must have been aware of the ruins, but kept quiet for the fear of losing his land to the Government.

Nikolas has also disclosed that the area has been sealed and excavation work has begun. So far, the archeologists have discovered outlines of buildings and ancient tiling remarkably preserved. Unique chambers are revealed preserved in perfection. The find could well be of great significance to a town which still believes that the ships, which were launched for Troy, were really sent from Kyparissia.

Kyparissia is an ancient town on the Western Pelopennese coast of Greece, and the writer describes it as a place of great charm and beauty, dominated by the Castle of Kyparissia, or Arkadia, as the town was once known.

The town is divided into two parts, the higher ground being Ano Poli and the lower Kato Poli. The preserved settlement of Ano Poli is rich with traditional stone houses, Byzantine churches and narrow paved streets while below it is Kato Poli, the modern part of the attractive town, which nestles against the sea and the old port. The long sandy beach of Ai Laoudis provides a welcome respite from the heat.

Meanwhile, the landmark water park has been closed down and it might have to give up its summer pleasures to the rights of the ancient past. (ANI)

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