Sara (slim_ivory_rose) wrote in classicalgreek,

Starting out in Ancient Greek


I've been lurking here for some time as learning Ancient Greek has long been on my 'to do' list, I'm finally getting around to making some time to dedicate to it. I doubt I will find time to attend classes any time soon but perhaps in future.

So really before plunging in and buying any old book from the internet, I wondered if anybody here might be willing to share some recommendations with me?

I skimmed this community and seen Athenaze mentioned and from my own searches found 'Learn Ancient Greek' by Peter Jones and 'Greek to GCSE' by John Taylor, are these books easy to use or to be avoided?!

NB: Any books available to buy in the UK are preferred or from UK websites, as in the past when I have bought from the USA or even France the shipping often costs more than the book itself!

Thank you
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